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Candelabra under Tiner construction.

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Serving broadcasters since 1969

We are a group of seasoned professionals offering integrated RF, Tower, and licensed Elevator Services to broadcasters and industry.
From simple tower maintenance projects to major tower structural modifications and innovative industrial elevator solutions, Tower Network Services is the contractor to call.

Our unique strength is the blending of over 40 years experience with tall towers coupled with our special expertise with industrial elevator systems. We can help you solve those nagging maintenance problems and
keep your site safe and Code compliant.

Think of us as "The one call to make when you need it done right".


Industrial Elevator Solutions
"Higher Technology for Safety's Sake"

Trac-Cab® Rack and Pinion Elevators
Smart-Reel® Cable Management System


Tower Network Services

"We do Riggin' Right!"
Nationwide Service

Tower & Elevator Services


Tower Network Services

317 RR 620 South, Ste 305 --- Austin, TX 78734
Phone (512) 266-6200 --- FAX (512) 266-6210